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Road To ION Conference Toronto - Whoever Has Ears, Let Them Hear (feat. Naomi Frizzell)

September 15, 2019

Road To ION Conference Toronto - Whoever Has Ears, Let Them Hear (feat. Naomi Frizzell)

How do we meet people where they are when the way they learn, grow, and connect has shifted in our society? How does that affect our engagement and help them to be marinated in the gospel message? In our final episode in our mini-series "Road To ION Conference Toronto", we have an insightful conversation with Naomi Frizzell, Director of the Programs Team for this year's conference and also the Executive Director of Audio Scripture Ministries.

BIG NEWS! CAMP is partnering with the International Orality Network to bring you conversations with the speakers and leaders from their upcoming North American conference (October 3-4, North York Chinese Baptist Church, Toronto). Click on the link below for more information and to register. Looking forward to seeing you there!



International Orality Network

ION Conference Toronto: North American Regional Conference

Audio Scripture Ministries


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